Our Song

Speaking of Theo Parrish: I still get more than pleasant after thoughts when I think about the set he played during the closing week of the legendary but now defunct Club 11 here in Amsterdam last June; never saw an über-packed club filled with techno-heads explode like that, to what most people would consider to be, very hard to dance to mystic avant-garde jazz, edgy low-tempo techno, nourishing soul & elastic funked-up disco. Just a perfect magical night for me and my girlie.
Here’s what we consider the be ‘our song’ – a track by keyboardist Patrice Rushen which appeared on her 1980 album ‘Pizzazz’, and which can frequently be heard as part of Theo’s tracklist during his sets.
Pitch it down, crank it up, and wait for that sweet keyboard break, baby.

Right click to save…
Patrice Rushen – ‘Haven’t You Heard’


2 Responses to Our Song

  1. LOML says:

    Haven’t you heard!?!

  2. LOML says:

    duduh, duduh!

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