Toot Toot Hey Peep Peep

My previous post containing a Youtube film in which DJ Rahaan drove his crowd into a frenzy playing this crucial 1980 disco edit by Mach, has made me want to fanaticly track down the tune for some time now. My good friend, partner in many entertainment industry crimes, and DJ-extraordinaire, Ramchez, was good enough to rip and share this priceless infectious rhythm from his impressive collection. Considered to be the first house record from Chicago, this track was built with loops from the following tracks:
Munich Machine – ‘Get On The Funk Train’, Playback – ‘Space Invaders’, Lipps Inc. – ‘Funky Town’, Donna Summer – ‘Bad Girls’.

Right click to save…
Mach – ‘On And On’


3 Responses to Toot Toot Hey Peep Peep

  1. matt says:

    Justed wanted to let you know I’m really enjoying what you’ve going on here. Thanks.

  2. mark says:

    Funny that i see this record back on your site, as i originally gave Ramchez this copy of the record as i had a few copies that i had picked up in the cheap sections of various stores in Amsterdam back in the days.

  3. Kuri says:

    love this song. I have it on a Music Box comp 12″ but never knew who it was by. I suspected it was by Jesse Saunders but wasn’t sure. love the female vocal chant “toot-toot, yeah, beep-beep, yeah!”

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