Coolin’ Pt.3

September 30, 2008

A legendary bit of jazz infused soul — recorded by an obscure female singer from Milwaukee, Penny Goodwin. A darn nice warm style, perfect on its own, but made even better by the great arranger Richard Evan. File under Chicago sophisti-soul.

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Penny Goodwin – ‘Too Soon Youre Old’


A Video For The Sleepless

September 26, 2008

‘Little B’s Poem’ by Bobby Hutcherson is one of those great tracks that embodies all the virtuosity & intensity that makes jazz one of my biggest passions in life. Word.

Fluid Alto Melodies

September 17, 2008

Gary Bartz is considered to be one of the most under-noticed and one of the most talented and hard working musicians of the 1970s. From his experiences with the Miles Davis groups of the early ’70s, Bartz rose with confidence to the forefront of the jazz movement, releasing one stellar recording after the next, showing no signs of slowing down.
On this live Montreux registration from 1973 we find Bartz playing some of the best music of his career, blending innovative elements from all genres into one boiling pot and calling it his own. Highly recommended.

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Gary Bartz – ‘I’ve Known Rivers’

Jesus Is My Friend

September 10, 2008

♫ Once I tried to run, once I tried to hide, but Jesus found me and touched me deep down inside. ♫

OTAM Mix 03: Frodo – ‘Supplementing Vol. 4’

September 10, 2008

Here’s a registration of a mix I did during one of the most recent parties I organized together with my partner in crime David Reinhart. The event was called ‘Consist’ and took place on the 5th of September here in Amsterdam at Club NL, and also headlined the just plain smokin’ Eli Verveine from Switserland.
The mix on offer is a perfect reproduction of the deep-rounded-phat-house-atmosphere that rocked on till the early hours – if I may say so. Enjoy.


‘Intro’ – Robert Ashley
‘Let’s Swing’ – Sven Weisemann
‘Soul Tactics’ – Lazar
‘Macroply’ – Stefan Goldmann
‘Waitin’ – Nekes
‘Fearless Fun’ – Grimes Adhesif
‘Swim [Peter Dildo Remix]’ – Matthias Tanzmann
‘Backseat’ – Robert Dietz
‘Shrimp’ – Stefan Goldmann
‘Cuero Para Mi Gente’ – Brothers’ Vibe
‘Piepe’ – Tom Ellis
‘Peu A Peu’ – Christian Burkhardt
‘House Of The Rising Sun’ – Lazar
‘Closing In’ – Simitli
‘Outro’ – Robert Ashley

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OTAM Mix 03: Frodo – ‘Supplementing Vol. 4’

Coolin’ Pt.2

September 7, 2008

A never ending source of inspiration are the compilations and mixes by crate digger pur-sang Soulman.
The track on offer for y’all today was released on the impressive 2003 compilation called ‘Instrumentality’. Background information on the artist was impossible to find, so please feel free to contribute.

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Hymas Ricotti Sulzmann – ‘Penthouse Sweet’

Modern Minimalists

September 2, 2008

I came across this 1997 BBC documentary browsing through the always excellent Uncertain Times blog.
Presented by Björk with her typical eccentric english accent, this 2-part video hosts Alasdair Malloy, Mika Vainio, Tommi Grönlund and Arvo Pärt, most of ‘m artists who’ve extremely influenced me through the years.