OTAM Mix 03: Frodo – ‘Supplementing Vol. 4’

Here’s a registration of a mix I did during one of the most recent parties I organized together with my partner in crime David Reinhart. The event was called ‘Consist’ and took place on the 5th of September here in Amsterdam at Club NL, and also headlined the just plain smokin’ Eli Verveine from Switserland.
The mix on offer is a perfect reproduction of the deep-rounded-phat-house-atmosphere that rocked on till the early hours – if I may say so. Enjoy.


‘Intro’ – Robert Ashley
‘Let’s Swing’ – Sven Weisemann
‘Soul Tactics’ – Lazar
‘Macroply’ – Stefan Goldmann
‘Waitin’ – Nekes
‘Fearless Fun’ – Grimes Adhesif
‘Swim [Peter Dildo Remix]’ – Matthias Tanzmann
‘Backseat’ – Robert Dietz
‘Shrimp’ – Stefan Goldmann
‘Cuero Para Mi Gente’ – Brothers’ Vibe
‘Piepe’ – Tom Ellis
‘Peu A Peu’ – Christian Burkhardt
‘House Of The Rising Sun’ – Lazar
‘Closing In’ – Simitli
‘Outro’ – Robert Ashley

Right click to save…
OTAM Mix 03: Frodo – ‘Supplementing Vol. 4’


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