OTAM Mix 06: Jan Krueger & Daze Maxim – ‘Berlin Underground’

October 23, 2008

This Saturday the 25th of October 2008, the über-exciting Amsterdam Dance Event will cumulate to an appropriate climax through the ‘Vrijbuiters go Berlin Underground’ indoor festival we are organizing at Studio K, Amsterdam’s latest and trendiest hot-spot in the east part of town.
Four areas of high-profile electronic dance music hosting massive line-ups plus extended opening hours. Yup, yup, 10 p.m. till 11 a.m. baby!
Be sure to pass by the event if you’re in the Amsterdam area. We are hosting a very special Hello?Repeat label showcase, and thus I thought it would be appropriate to treat you to 2 mixes of the label owners and founders, Jan Krueger and Daze Maxim. Enjoy.

Jan Krueger tracklist:

‘No Suzuki’ – Blue Spirit
‘Lost Secret’ – Mark Broom & Baby Ford
‘Talk 2 Me [Sears Tower Dub]’ – Mark Farina
‘It Ain’t Music’ – Vera & Federico Molinari
‘Don’t Give Up [Cassy Remix]’ – Portable
‘Yes You Know Me’ – Markus Fix
‘Mountain005’ – Mountain People DJs
‘The Differnce’ – Brothers’ Vibe
‘I Will Lead [Hollway & Eastwick Mix]’ – Problem Kids
‘Buzz Beats’ – Dennis Ferrer
‘Deepest America [Samuel Davis Perc. Mix]’ – Sascha Dive
‘The Legancy’ – Random Noise Generation
‘M-4’ – Maurizio

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OTAM Mix 06: Jan Krueger – ‘Berlin Underground’

Daze Maxim tracklist:

‘Hustler [Shackleton Remix]’ – Simian Mobile Disco
‘Daaaahhhhh’ – Agnes
‘Below Houston’ – Tobias
‘Male Isms’ – Jackmate
‘Be Who You Want’ – DJ Qu
‘Girls On Lighters’ – Steve Bug
‘Bang Away’ – DJ Sneak
‘Simple Man [Allen Placer Mix]’ – Wink
‘Funky Squad [Toni Vokado Mix]’ – Karafuto
‘Untitled’ – Wax10001
‘Dry Tool’ – Raresh
‘Our Soul’ – Stephen Brown
‘Hell Bent EP [Dizzy and Jado’s Hell Bent Remix]’ – B. McCarthy
‘Capricious’ – Outergaze
‘Mudhole’ – Daze Maxim
‘The Bone’ – Persuasion
‘Lovin U’ – AntonZap
‘Vallemaggia Tool’ – Serafin
‘Fiare’ – Petre Inspirescu

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OTAM Mix 06: Daze Maxim – ‘Berlin Underground’


OTAM Mix 05: Frodo – ‘Mahogany Cult’

October 13, 2008


In succession of my previous post I thought I’d treat you to a mix done within a similar frame of mind: a mid-tempo, abstract Detroit house, jazz-funk, distorted disco set – my take on Motor City’s late-night opium.


‘In The Field’ – Hu Vibrational
‘Kingpult’ – Krause Duo
‘On A Day Like Today’ – The Mole
‘Sauterelles [D-class Redub]’ – D-classics
‘Reflect’ – Move D
‘You’re My Heart’ – Manmade Science
‘System Sauce’ – 3 Chairs
‘Good Kiss’ – Rick Wilhite
‘Spirits’ – Gary’s Gang
‘You Got The Stuff [Special Disco Version]’ – Bill Withers
‘Ask The Boss [Sad Ghost Tape]’ – Flowchart
‘Transit’ – Kenny Dixon Jr
‘I Love You More’ – Rene & Angela
‘Twilight [Jitterbugs Lost Edit]’ – Maze
‘It’s So Different Here’ – Rachel Sweet

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OTAM Mix 05: Frodo – ‘Mahogany Cult’

A Sum Of Epic Parts

October 10, 2008

This 2004 landmark collaboration between Kenny Dixon Jr., Marcellus Pittman, Rick Wilhite & Theo Parrish achieves an unequalled level of cohesiveness in mixing all the influences of their individual musical backgrounds. It’s like listening to their infamous DJ sets all rolled into one: Chicago house, Detroit techno, disco, boogie, soul, jazz, if they play it, it’s mixed in there with no one sound outweighing any other. If you have a craving for Detroit house and you don’t have this, you really need to get it.

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Three Chiars – ‘Underwater People’

OTAM Mix 04: David Reinhart – ‘Out There An Hour Or Two’

October 6, 2008

The next installment in our DJ-mix series is a deep double-bill by my good friend and partner in entertainment industry crimes David Reinhart. Moving from classic Chicago house to Detroit to plain old jackin’ 4-to-the-floor selections, this wide ranging two-disc set has become one of the essential listenings stuck on repeat on my I-Pod.


‘Droplets’ – Skat
‘Shhh … [Quiet]’ – Solid Gold Playaz
‘Disco Trip’ – Gene Hunt, The Funk Farmacist
‘I Feel The Rhythm’ – Ron Trent
‘Gee Baby [Ain’t It Good To You]’ – Simitli
‘Never Get Enough [In House Remix]’ – Todd Terry
‘Jazzie’ – Gene Hunt
‘Did My Time [City Lights Sax Mix]’ – The Timewriter
‘Distant Planet’ – Stephane A
‘Oblivion’ – Kerri Chandler
‘Jenga [2002 Edit]’ – David Duriez
‘Life Goes On’ – Terrence Parker
‘What I Say Goes’ – Terrence Parker
‘This Here Is House Muzik’ – Mike Dunn, MD X-Press

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OTAM Mix 04: David Reinhart – ‘Out There An Hour Or Two, Part 1’

‘The Lonesome Dub’ – Jesper Dahlback
‘M6’ – Maurizio
‘Mdali [Charles Webster Dub]’ – Nutty
‘Shass’ – Stephan Grieder
‘Couple Of Minutes’ – Baaz
‘Fukhouse’ – Lazar
‘Deep Minsk’ – Lazar
‘I’m Just A Man’ – Dop
‘Cristal [Sascha Dive Rmx]’ – Nekes
‘Dub By The River [Soultourist Re-dub]’ – Pulshar
‘Humanized’ – Andy Vaz
‘Sky Walking’ – Theo Parrish

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OTAM Mix 04: David Reinhart – ‘Out There An Hour Or Two, Part 2’