Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 08: Thomas Martojo – ‘Raw Vibes’

November 27, 2008


The only suggestion I gave, was to make this guest mix as eclectic as he’d want it to be, not expecting to be catered to the exact Theoresque melange I have a huuuge craving for: difficult-to-identify funk and disco cuts interspersed with underground classics and modern house. Drenched deep in that Motor City flava, my man Thomas Martojo, founder of the infamous Amsterdam based Dekmantel collective, ties each track together just the way a great DJ should. It’s the next best thing to seeing him spin. Contagious & sophisticated stuff.

Where, when & how was the mix recorded?

I’ve recorded the mix yesterday eve – 25th of november – at home in Amsterdam, using vinyl and two turntables. I simply decided which record to play as first and took it from there, had no clue what I’d end up with. The result is mix of deep yet soulfull disco and house with bits of African music and techno. Fairly rough and raw in places [hence the name], but that’s what I generally like best, it shows character…this is also a good example of how I’d prefer to play myself [though you rarely get the crowd in clubs who’s open to this type of music/diversity].

Can you tell us something about what got you started in the music biz & who are your greatest influences?

Well I got into music through clubbing actually. I first visited smaller techno parties when I was in my mid-teens. I eventually met Dimi Angelis and Steve Rachmad, got to know them quite well and I accompanied them on many of their gigs back than. Through [Detroit] techno I caught up with the music of Moodymann and Theo Parrish, and through a shared love for this Detroit based house I caught up with guys such as Antal [from Rush Hour] and San Proper, who showed me the way to all sorts of music outside the box. Right now I’m into all sorts of music, and I am heavily into what a certain group of underground djs from Chicago [such as Rahaan and Sadar Bahar] play.

How is the amsterdam party scene treating you?

Great! Can’t complain. I’ve had many great gigs this year and we’ve done many great parties with Dekmantel. I moved to Amsterdam only a year ago but I wish I had sooner!

What are you up to next?

Continue rocking with Dekmantel! We’ve got lots of special parties planned, and were about to head into our first office and launch the bookings agency and record-label, which marks a new chapter. All in all very exciting times. Hopefully all will end up as planned, or better…


01. The Rebirth – ‘The Journey’
02. Venom vs Marco Di Marco – ‘Bossa Of The Future [Black Mamba Remix]’
03. Andres – ‘Salvador de Bahia’
04. Theo Parrish – ‘First Floor Part 1 LP’
05. Bumblebee United – ‘I Got A Big Bee’
06. Ian Dury & The Blockheads – ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythmstick’
07. Oscar Sulley – ‘Offume [Natural Self Remix]’
08. Jackson 5 – ‘Hum Along And Dance’
09. Mr Fingers – ‘Slam Dance’
10. Theo Parrish – ‘Ugly Edit 8’
11. Wild Honey – ‘I’ve Been Working’
12. Marijata – ‘Mother Africa’
13. Universal Robot Band – ‘Doing Anything Tonight’
14. Peven Everett – ‘I Can’t Believe I Loved Here’
15. Nebraska – ‘White Label’
16. D5 – ‘Formation One’
17. Deepchord – ‘Electromagnetic Dowsing [Mike Huckaby]’
18. Erro – ‘Don’t Change’

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OTAM Mix 08: Thomas Martojo – ‘Raw Vibes’


The Weird And Wonderful World Of

November 26, 2008


Just finished watching ‘Wild Combination: A Portrait Of Arthur Russel‘, which compelled me to post something on this genius musician slash poet, and urge you all strongly to go see this essential documentary.
The tune here, released through one of his aliases Dinosaur L and taken from the 1981 album ‘24-24 Music‘ has such a spacy groove that it’s simply impossible to ignore if you are a fan of either Russell, strange space funk, sci-fi disco, shambolic jazz, and a good time.

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Dinosaur L – ‘Go Bang’


November 25, 2008


I really can’t be bothered with the mostly commercially tainted hip hop produced nowadays, but this is the East Coast rap I grew up with and which partly molded me into the person I am today. Taken from the 1990 album ‘One For All‘, the Brand Nubian favored an abstract rapping style, and fans like me were drawn to the complexity and technique displayed in their jams. Likable and exhilarating stuff with an unprecedented flow.

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Brand Nubian – ‘Step To The Rear’

Imaginative Movement

November 25, 2008


Sometimes a track digs itself to the forefront of your memory once again for no apparent reason, despite the fact that you haven’t heard it in ages. In this case, gladly so. The 1971 album ‘Second Movement‘ by Eddie Harris and Les McCann features great technology that emphasizes one of their best songs, funk-workout ‘Shorty Rides Again’. These technological enhancements add to the explosive chemistry of McCann and Harris as well as waking up the resonance and excitement inherent in the compositions and the extended vamps ignited by Harris on electric sax. On its release the album was panned by critics for abandoning straight-ahead jazz for an experimental self-indulgent sound, however, when measured by 21st century standards, this release is a gem that continues to inspire.

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Eddie Harris & Les McCann – ‘Shorty Rides Again’

Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 07: Ramchez – ‘Out There A Minute’

November 21, 2008


Next up is an interview & mix by my long time friend and steady partner in many entertainment industry crimes, Ramchez. Besides sharing an undying passion for music, I’d like to think that together we’ve influenced the way people party here in Amsterdam, mostly through our combined events, DJ-sets & releases — still going strong after all those unhealthy years, hehe. Enjoy.

Where, when & how was the mix recorded?
On the 25th of September 2008 at my new home using the Traktor Scratch system.
How would you say your sound has changed during your active years as a DJ?
Through the years I’ve come to realize that music, and especially the quest for finding good tunes, has become an addiction; leaving me craving that next fix. Strolling around hours on end searching for that one phat record, either in a second-hand store, webshop, or an obscure tucked away little store somewhere in the outskirts of Berlin.
The last couple of years I’ve shifted more towards spinning my sets digitally. I’ve been a Final Scratch user from the early beginnings, and I can absolutely say that this system provides a stabile working environment. Since the latest upgrade to Traktor Pro I’ve got the opportunity to focus more and more on using effects, loops & other DJ-ing aspects, in stead of just blending one record into another, thus giving me a better overview and more control over the music that I play.
Who are your favorite DJ’s/artists and why?
Artists that are of interest to me are artists who select their records in such a way that when they mix ‘m together it opens up a whole new dimension. Leaving that personal mark. New, old, American, European, House, Minimal or Techno, DJ’s should leave their individual marks on the dancefloor.
Take Zip of Perlon for instance: he really knows how to push the boundaries whilst DJ-ing, taking the listener on a deep and driving hypnotic ride through sound and rhythm. He builds up to a climax in such an eccentric way, it’s just simply always a beautiful experience! Other artists I’ve been influenced by are: Theo Parrish, Prosumer, Sammy Dee, Moodymann, and of course my Lofarmedia buddies Frodo & Pep.
Any parties & future plans we should know about?
On the 13th of December 2008 we are organizing ‘Redevice invites A Guy Called Gerald‘ here in Amsterdam at club Studio 80. Expect a refreshing, forwards pushing and renewing sound from this veteran. I saw him perform live last summer at the Panoramabar in Berlin, and wow, did he rock that mutha! We are very proud to have him over.
Together with the boys from Lofarmedia I’m working on a new version of a multi-media project called ‘Contemplation’, which was developed by a dear friend of ours, Jurriaan van Dam, who unfortunately passed away earlier this year at a far too young age. We’re busy perfectioning the installation and getting it ready to show to the public somewhere in the beginning of next year.


01. Ron Trent – ‘Morning Factory’
02. Alex medina – ‘Pruella [Effections Remix]’
03. Burnski – ‘Discharge [Digital_Bonus]’
04. Md’z Revenge – ‘The Banger’
05. Nick Curly – ‘Tele Vision’
06. Deadbeat – ‘Incinerate’
07. Daniela Stickroth – ‘The Differences Game [Xhin Remix]’
08. Boris Werner – ‘Desert Blues’
09. Men In Slippers – ‘To See Anything Final’
10. Men In Slippers – ‘Pingu’
11. Skugge And Stavoestrand – ‘Mantra Disk’
12. Mark Broom – ‘Bounce’
13. Delete – ‘Profundidad Aussente’
14. Green Velvet – ‘Coitus’
15. Tomoki – ‘Voices’
16. My My – ‘Day For Night’
17. Haruki Matsuo – ‘DanKan’
18. D. Diggler – ‘Timemachine’

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OTAM Mix 07: Ramchez – ‘Out There A Minute’

Coolin’ Pt.4

November 13, 2008


Japanese trombone player Hiroshi Fukumura teams up with saxophonist Sadao Watanabe on this laid-back jazz gem, taken from the album called ‘Hunt Up Wind’ which was released in 1978 on Flying Disk Records. Accompanying musicians are Don Grusin, Cornell Dupree, Chuck Rainey, Harvey Mason and Paulinho Da Costa. Served up for your much needed unwinding pleasure.

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Hiroshi Fukumura – ‘White Clouds’

It’s Magic

November 11, 2008


Here is a solid Ron Hardy edit of Nightlife Unlimited’s 1980 disco cut ‘Peaches & Prunes’ off the album ‘Just Be Yourself’, eventually released on the white label ‘Muzic Box Classics Volume One’, the first record in a series of Hardy re-edit records put out by his nephew Bill Hardy. A little piece of magic, most of which was created from the last two minutes or less from the original record, spliced on reel to reel.
Digitalized from the priceless vinyl collection of my good friend DJ Ramchez.

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Nightlife Unlimited – ‘Peaches & Prunes [Ron Hardy Mix]’