Imaginative Movement


Sometimes a track digs itself to the forefront of your memory once again for no apparent reason, despite the fact that you haven’t heard it in ages. In this case, gladly so. The 1971 album ‘Second Movement‘ by Eddie Harris and Les McCann features great technology that emphasizes one of their best songs, funk-workout ‘Shorty Rides Again’. These technological enhancements add to the explosive chemistry of McCann and Harris as well as waking up the resonance and excitement inherent in the compositions and the extended vamps ignited by Harris on electric sax. On its release the album was panned by critics for abandoning straight-ahead jazz for an experimental self-indulgent sound, however, when measured by 21st century standards, this release is a gem that continues to inspire.

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Eddie Harris & Les McCann – ‘Shorty Rides Again’


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