OTAM Mix 10: San Proper – ‘To Heal Live @ Radio 100’

January 29, 2009


San Propers‘ influence has spread far and wide during recent years, but this longtime collaborator and friend has been on the forefront of my attention for more then a decade. Standing shoulder to shoulder with DJ’s such as Theo Parrish, Moodymann and Rahaan, San has proved to be Amsterdam’s most popular advocate of vintage funk, thrusting disco and straightup structuring house beats.
This mix was recorded 8 years ago during my weekly radio show called ‘Earsmear’ on DFM, and displays just the right blend of forbidding atmosphere, subtle funkiness, samples and noise. Repeated play recommended.

No tracklisting for this one.

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OTAM Mix 10: San Proper – ‘To Heal Live @ Radio 100’


Disco Not Disco

January 19, 2009


Outspoken veteran dance-music producer and a theremin enthusiast, Daniel Wang was born in Tibet and spent bits of his childhood in Taiwan and California. In the late ’80s he moved to New York to attend college and fell in with the club scene, eventually becoming involved as a house and disco DJ. He started Balihu which became his primary outlet, and eventually abandoned the use of samples altogether in an effort to emulate the producers who have inspired him. This 1997 track was released on the ‘Mood Mylar‘ 12″, which favors a strong craze for eccentric repetition, fun and diversity. Exuberant neo-electro.

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Daniel Wang – ‘Disco Delay’

Pussycat Pussycat

January 14, 2009


Japanese bass player Teruo Nakamura released this album called ‘Rising Sun‘ in 1976 on Polydor Records, in which he shows himself to be more than an able bassist; he leads by guiding the rhythm and not standing out as a soloist. This stellar album is equally divided between very electric fusion tracks and more modal acoustic numbers, has aged very well & is an indesputable gem. Miauw.

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Teruo Nakamura – ‘Cat’

Coolin’ Pt.5

January 9, 2009


An excellent modern pianist who is adaptable to many acoustic jazz settings, Stanley Cowell has long been underrated except among knowing musicians. Taken from the 1981 album ‘New World‘, this invigorating track displays amazing technique, finding each player exploring seemingly different territory, keeping the listener in a deep meditative state trying to take it all in. Recommended.

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Stanley Cowell – ‘El Space-O’

Funk Not Funk

January 8, 2009


The minimalistic funk of New York’s Liquid Liquid is definitely not a bad choice to start this years’ series of posts with. The angular, bass-propelled funk grooves laid the groundwork for post-rock bands like Tortoise and Tarwater more than a decade before the fact — stripping all excess and artifice, resulting in their hypnotically dub-like sound. Remarkable intense stuff.

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Liquid Liquid – ‘Lock Groove [Out]’