Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 14: ‘Roger 23 Live @ Redevice invites… @ Studio 80’


We’ve had the honor of having Roger 23, part of the infamous Swayzak Soundsystem, that deep dub-house collective who got their moniker from a bastardization of actor Patrick Swayze’s name, as part of our April edition of ‘Redevice invites…‘ here in Amsterdam. This Saarbruecken resident has the gift of pushing his ever-shifting grooves directly from ear to hips, making you shake your booty while dousing your head in deep chords, delays and rolling basslines. Here’s a live registration of his set plus an interview I did with him recently — enjoy!

For us, the set you played during our ‘Redevice invites…’ @ Studio 80 was absolutely one of the highpoints of our year. Can you tell us a little bit about how the night went in your experience?

Oh what an inspiring weekend, and oh what an amazing night I had with you and in Amsterdam… Thank you very much for having this cool exchange and this input. The Redevice night was full of tension. I was pretty nervous, ’cause, I didn’t know if my concept for that party would succeed. But seems like all the involved people at the venue did exactly the right job. Production, DJ’s and audience. Definitely not really an easy night to descibe in words… Just have to say thank you to all of you! Great Job you are doing!
I could have stayed longer in Amsterdam… Next time more please…

What can you tell us about you being part of the Swayzak Soundsystem, and what’s your creative input on that front?

LOL, that’s a funny and interesting question. How can I discribe it without being over the top? Well, I see me, myself and I as a trigger for Swayzak and The Soundsystem… A respect of my musical knowledge, my addiction, and how I’m listening to music.

Both you and Prosumer seem to have a similar take on presenting your music as a big phat retro-funk-overloaded piece of cake, drenched in an old-school chicago & detroit glazing. What’s your take on the current state of house music, and how does it affect you when you spin?

First of all, my musical taste is very controversial. I try to get the best input from all interesting musical styles I can get..
At the moment, my focus is on the electronical aspects of Krautrock and on Brian Eno’s ambient music; this affects my point of view in listening to music as well as my productions in a substantial way.
Of course old disco and other obscure stuff is also a strong theme while digging those crates. Normally second-hand record stores, flea-markets and internet markets are pretty welcomed…
At the moment, I’m having massive problems of getting my hands on music that really affects me. Most releases sound too clean, and let’s face it, a lot of House and Techno music in this day and time is boring plus very focussed on names and trends. Too much consuming for my taste.
Missing attitudes in House and Techno are sexiness and coolness.

A lot of the ‘new’ ideas seem not to be rough enough. Too much focussed on effects, digital programming and uncatchy loops. It’s the result that should count, nothing else…
Most of the tracks could be replaced by others, nothing sounds unique. Definitely, I hear & see a big differences in the D.I.Y. stuff from the 80’s, or the early 90’s. From New Wave to Chicago and early Detroit stuff. Thank God, there’s still a litte spirit within Dj & producer communities around.

At all times I’m one of the audience. I dance when I play records and unsexy music doesn’t makes me dance. Certain trends implement a tough skepticism in me. I think it’s very important to show your origins and roots, to show differences.
Most of the older music has more tension and pressure, and that’s the main reasons why I’m playing a lot of old school music at the moment. Prefering quality instead of quantity. It doesn’t necessarily make a DJ-set better if you only present the latest shit.
There is so much good music around, and it would be a shame not to represent that stuff.

Your last solo effort seems to date from 2006. Can we expect some new material soon?

Yes indeed. I have two releases due in the next few months, and another one is planned in early 2010. But this one is still top secret. Also I did a 10 minute DJ-set for the ballet in my town last christmas. It was The Nut Cracker, and they’re doing six extra performances during late 2009, ’cause it was pretty successful.

My releases out now:
Meakusma Presents RÜTS: 12″ 2/3 and DVD

Out soon:
Roger 23: ‘Room With A View’ – BAUD
Massimiliano Pagliara & Roger 23: ‘Heal EP’ – Meakusma

What are you up to next?

What’s next? Actually don’t know. But I will do some more music and a couple of DJ-Sets for sure…

12th of June: Roger 23 – Cafe Belga – Bruxelles – Belgium
20th of June: Roger 23 – Airbag Craftworks Lagerverkauf – Kleestadt – Germany
18th of July: Swayzak Soundsystem – Summer Club Luna in Supetar – Island of Brač – Kroatia
31st of July: Work Shop Label Night – Robert Johnson- Offenbach – Germany
1st of August: Bota Bar – Bruxelles – Belgium

01. Echologist – ‘The Score [Jus Ed’s Hostage Mix]’
02. I.M.S. – ‘Non Line’
03. Conrad Black – ‘A Broken Down Mustang’
04. Schatrax – ‘Restless Dub’
05. Arovane – ‘Leaf’
06. Even Tuell – ‘Det Leut’
07. Levon Vincent – ‘These Games’
08. Tyree – ‘Nuthin Wrong’
09. Nitro Deluxe – ‘Let’s Get Brutal’
10. Christian Vogel – ‘Untitled’
11. Unknown – ‘Ndatl 1/3’
12. Basic Channel – ‘Q 1.1’
13. Quando Quando – ‘Love Tempo’
14. Sound Design – ‘Bounce To The Beat’
15. Rockers Hifi – ‘Push Push’
16. Marc Romboy – ‘The Awakening’
17. Redshape – ‘What’s On A Moog’s Mind?’
18. Jovonn – ‘I Can’t Make Up My Mind’
19. Extacy Club – ‘Jesus Loves The Acid’
20. Gez Valez – ‘Columbia’
21. Levon Vincent – ‘Invisible Bitchslab’
22. DBX – ‘Losing Control’
23. Levon Vincent – ‘Woman Is The Devil’
24. Massimiliano Pagliara & Roger 23 – ‘Heal’
25. Iz & Diz – ‘Memory’
26. FBK – ‘Rollin’ On A 6/4′
27. Purveyors Of Fine Funk – ‘State Of Mind’
28. Gemini – ‘Welcome To The Future’

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OTAM Mix 14: ‘Roger 23 Live @ Redevice invites… @ Studio 80’


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