Oddball Machines

June 4, 2009


Grasping further into the outer boundaries of recent modern avant-garde electronics, here is Ø, the solo identity of Mika Vainio of Finnish techno duo Pan Sonic, who’s work tends more toward the ambient and experimental, wedding sparse machine noises with shifting rhythms, stubbornly unmusical sonic textures, and assorted channel separation weirdness.
The increasing popularity of Pan Sonic has meant Vainio’s giving less and less time to his Ø work, but he did manage to release some of his most accomplished solo material in 1996, on his third Sähkö full-length Olento, which featured the most effective fusion of Pan Sonic’s austere minimalism with less immediate, more challenging structures.

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Ø – ‘Ilta’


Space Is The Place

June 3, 2009

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