OTAM Mix 16: Frodo – ‘Incredible Detour’


For this mix I took a classical rooted but forward-looking approach to prototypical house and techno, first by greatly expanding its scope with timeless sounding gems, but mostly by significantly championing submerged underground sounds, consisting of dubby synthesizer melodies and funk-laden percussive rhythms. Enjoy.

01. John Tejada – ‘The Locus Of Points’
02. Mr. Barth – ‘Above The Skyline’
03. Lowtec – ‘Please Go Away’
04. Marc Romboy – ‘The Awakening’
05. Frankie Knuckles – ‘Baby Wants To Ride’
06. The Persuader – ‘A1 Untitled’
07. Rick Wade – ‘Ricky’s Groove’
08. Brommage Dub – ‘Brommage Dub’
09. Gadi Mizrahi – ‘I’ll Set Your House’
10. Jesper Dahlback & Jean-Louis Huhta – ‘Midnight Express Pt. 1’
11. Kassem Mosse – ‘Untitled A1’
12. Jesper Dahlback – ‘The Lonesome Dub’
13. Isolee – ‘Albacares’
14. Kerri Chandler – ‘Keep Me Inside’
15. Delano Smith – ‘I Feel This’
16. Verdict – ‘People At Night [Portable Remix]’
17. Iz & Diz – ‘Happy [Strip Mix]’
18. Jus-Ed – ‘Wonderment’
19. Peaches And Prunes – ‘Welcome To The Club [Ron Hardy Re-Edit]’

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OTAM Mix 16: Frodo – ‘Incredible Detour’


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