Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 23: Kassem Mosse – ‘Workshopmix’

The Workshop label hardly needs introduction. Ultra-deep releases from Move D, Lowtec, Kassem Mosse & Benjamin Brunn have made the imprint a notable fixture in the techno and house scene. Releasing stomping minimal house tracks reflecting the roots of modern electronics, but also making its very own funky and moody statement.
Time for the Out There A Minute blog to hook you guys up with an exclusive interview/mix by Kassem Mosse, and let you know we’ve invited those obscure Germans over to our regular hot-spot Studio 80 in Amsterdam on the 15th of May – better attend suckas!

The excellent Workshop no.10 just came out last month, and besides the new additions to your roster of artists like Schweiz Rec and Ron Deacon, it’s a continuation of your sound, which seems to be drenched in classic Detroit rooted house music. Could you tell us which artists have influenced you the most through the years?

While Detroit remains an influence, we were and are inspired as well by a range of European producers and labels, such as early Warp, Rephlex, Move D, D-Man, Sähkö, the Vienna scene with labels like Cheap, Craft and Sabotage, to name but a few.

Is the anonymity factor an important part of the concept of your label?

No. Because it is obvious who we and the artists are… The hand-stamp aesthetic goes back to the early days, the white label business, when people were working with very limited budgets.

There seems to be a renewed appreciation of raw, stripped-down deep house music these days. Something you wish to comment on?

We think that this is already becoming less. There is no actual concept behind Workshop and we don’t really see it as a deep house label. We put out music we like, independent of genre. When you look at the catalogue you also find releases that stand out in terms of vibe and style (take Workshop 02, for instance). Some releases are more Techno oriented, quite slow, but still industrial.

Could you tell us something about the mix you hooked us up with?

It’s a rough little mix recorded by KM for a radio show in Hamburg in 2009, showcasing some of his influences across the board. Detroit, Vienna, Hamburg, Schmalkalden, Chicago and Berlin mixed up with a nod to The Hague to round things up.

Any future plans we should now about?

There are new releases by our core artists due out soon on Workshop. Plus we are working on some serious remixes as well…

No tracklist for this one

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OTAM Mix 23: Kassem Mosse – ‘Workshopmix’


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  1. […] OTAM Mix 23: Kassem Mosse – ‘Workshopmix’ Most of us know Kassem Mosse’s spectacular production skills, but he’s a damn good DJ as well, as proven by this mix he did for blog Out There A Minute earlier this year. It’s quintessentially Workshop: bringing you both back to house sounds of yore while simultaneously forging a new sound. Shedding the past, perhaps? Attach any grad student word you like, but don’t let it distract you from what this mix really is: rough, jacking analog house at its best. […]

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