Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 25: Martin Landsky – ‘Live @ The Velvet’

One of the key figures in the main circle of Berlin based producers, Martin Landsky, has an over-abundance of funk and minimal melody coursing through his veins, cross-pollinating an electrifying new sound that could only be described as a deep understanding of House music. From sharp post-electro swagger which takes inspiration from those early days of rave, to combining modern, finely-tuned electronics with raw, dubbed and funked passages of killer proportions.
On the 21st of August 2010 Poker Flat & Redevice combine forces with a highly-addictive menu served up on the only dancefloor in Amsterdam that matters — Studio 80!
Here’s an interview with Martin + a superb live DJ-mix, transporting you to other worlds and back. Enjoy.

13 years in the production game & still going strong. Can you tell us a little bit about artists who have influenced you the most when you grew up?

Oh yeah it´s quite a time, especially considering that I was dj-ing way before I started to produce my own music.
I grew up at a time when electronic music or better to say House music simply didn’t exist.
In the early days I listened to black music, like Funk, Rap, Dub, etc, etc…
Just to name a few: Fatback, Grandmaster Flash, Kleer, Quincy Jones, D-Train, King Tubby, Lee scratch Perry…were some of my biggest influences back in the days.
Later when House music and Techno were invented there was so much stuff that really got me into it, just too many inspirations to name them all. For sure the early Chicago stuff and the first generation of Detroit Techno were important to me, also some of the more stripped down New York stuff.

Being based in Berlin must have spoiled you a bit when it comes to musical input and underground spots to play. Which country & venue outside of Germany has inspired you the most lately, and why?

There are a lot of hot places around the globe, sometimes it´s just one club in a far out village that can surprise.
But the place that inspired me the most in the last years is definitely the States.
There is this kinda ‘new’ fresh scene, which is amazing. It´s all about small clubs and a well educated crowd, people that really do love the music, no bullshit. A good example that explains what I feel there is that the people scream at the right moments of a track, not in the obvious big break downs of a track but in the small intense parts of the music, the moments when a track makes me shiver too. When you play good music there and you are mixing well they follow you all the way, but if you fuck it up they will simply show it by their reactions. I have the feeling it´s less about hype there at the moment but more about the passion for music and clubbing.
Kinda the same feeling like it was ages ago here in Europe…

Can you tell us something about the live recording you provided for us?

Oh, that was a hell of a party. It was in Gran Canaria in May. I played at a daytime event, an outside event which was already crazy…
Then later in the night I played at my favourite club on this island, The Velvet. I was already quite drunk and exhausted after spending all day at the open air party but the crowd in the club was so energizing, it was an awesome party…as they usually are at this venue…

What future plans should we know about?

Some crazy times right now. I just moved with my apartment and my studio, all at once which is really a pain in the a**, but it´s getting there slowly. So I haven´t had a studio for quite some time now which sucks…but I have a new track coming on Part 3 of the ‘Hi Five Mobilee!’ compilation, which will be out in August. A couple of remixes are waiting to be finished, and a couple of new 12 inches would be nice too, i guess….
Hopefully my studio will be set up soon….=)))

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OTAM Mix 25: Martin Landsky – ‘Live @ The Velvet’


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