Funk Not Funk

January 8, 2009


The minimalistic funk of New York’s Liquid Liquid is definitely not a bad choice to start this years’ series of posts with. The angular, bass-propelled funk grooves laid the groundwork for post-rock bands like Tortoise and Tarwater more than a decade before the fact — stripping all excess and artifice, resulting in their hypnotically dub-like sound. Remarkable intense stuff.

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Liquid Liquid – ‘Lock Groove [Out]’


The Weird And Wonderful World Of

November 26, 2008


Just finished watching ‘Wild Combination: A Portrait Of Arthur Russel‘, which compelled me to post something on this genius musician slash poet, and urge you all strongly to go see this essential documentary.
The tune here, released through one of his aliases Dinosaur L and taken from the 1981 album ‘24-24 Music‘ has such a spacy groove that it’s simply impossible to ignore if you are a fan of either Russell, strange space funk, sci-fi disco, shambolic jazz, and a good time.

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Dinosaur L – ‘Go Bang’

Massive German Roots Straightup From Genua

August 12, 2008

Right now I’m enjoying a wine and high class gourmet-filled week in Genua during a blissful 3-week-tour through summery Italy. Currently we are staying in an ultra-laidback apartment right in the centre of town, owned by the best local host one could have, Fitz, founder and patriarch of the Rebecca Container Gallery, who’s musical taste spans from deep spaced-out techno to herbally infused irie deep dub. He suggested I’d share this monster bassdriven 8-bit gem from Germany with y’all, released through the excellent Jahtari label, which specializes in classic sounding computer reggae. Crank it up — watch your woofers thrust…

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Disrupt – ‘Bauhelm Dub’