OTAM Mix 24: Frodo – ‘Mahogany Cult Vol. 2’

June 2, 2010

This follow-up take on distorted slow-burn disco-funk and boogie electronics as a melange of Detroit tech-house is a cumulation of Rick Wade, Kyle Hall, STL, Rick Wilhite, Anton Zap & Billy Love instrumentals. A true reflection of my personal soulfulness through this musical potion of deeeep songs drenched in obscure house beats. A clear declaration that states: ‘Mahogany Cult is takin’ over’!

No tracklist for this one

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OTAM Mix 24: Frodo – ‘Mahogany Cult Vol. 2’


Highest Pleasure

December 31, 2009

One of the factors that keeps creative black music alive and changing is the ability of the musicians to blend their experience and emotions into the actual fibers of the music. Rudolph Johnson is a musician who has reached that plane where spirit and techniques fuse to form free creative energy.
The 1973 ‘Second Coming‘ album on Black Jazz Records by Rudolph is like the transition between these two states, releasing the energies of rebirth…..the second coming.

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Rudolph Johnson – ‘The Highest Pleasure’

Ears Have Eyes

May 2, 2009


A favorite artist of mine since the ’90’s and one of the more organic producers in the field of electronic music, multi-instrumentalist Max Brennan always worked from his base on the Isle of Wight, a relatively isolated outpost in the middle of the English Channel. Brennan appeared to be growing as a musician as his Fretless AZM project continued, and his fourth 1998 album Oceans of Light revealed glimpses of improvisation among its deep grooves and the occasional excursion into beatless electronics. Truly cosmic stuff.

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Fretless AZM – ‘The Ears Have Eyes’

Coolin’ Pt.6

March 29, 2009


An obscure find and very different than a lot of his other work, Ray Bryant’s 1979 album ‘In The Cut’ features string and horn arrangements by Charles Stepney – which makes the track ‘Andalusian Nights’ a very tripped out and mellow one, but with that majestically soulful approach.

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Ray Bryant – ‘Andalusian Nights’

…And On Rhodes

February 27, 2009

Two Helsinkian dudes I don’t know jammin’ it out with Theo parrish.

Taken from the excellent OOFT Music blog…

OTAM Mix 10: San Proper – ‘To Heal Live @ Radio 100’

January 29, 2009


San Propers‘ influence has spread far and wide during recent years, but this longtime collaborator and friend has been on the forefront of my attention for more then a decade. Standing shoulder to shoulder with DJ’s such as Theo Parrish, Moodymann and Rahaan, San has proved to be Amsterdam’s most popular advocate of vintage funk, thrusting disco and straightup structuring house beats.
This mix was recorded 8 years ago during my weekly radio show called ‘Earsmear’ on DFM, and displays just the right blend of forbidding atmosphere, subtle funkiness, samples and noise. Repeated play recommended.

No tracklisting for this one.

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OTAM Mix 10: San Proper – ‘To Heal Live @ Radio 100’

Pussycat Pussycat

January 14, 2009


Japanese bass player Teruo Nakamura released this album called ‘Rising Sun‘ in 1976 on Polydor Records, in which he shows himself to be more than an able bassist; he leads by guiding the rhythm and not standing out as a soloist. This stellar album is equally divided between very electric fusion tracks and more modal acoustic numbers, has aged very well & is an indesputable gem. Miauw.

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Teruo Nakamura – ‘Cat’