The Necks

January 3, 2010

One of my absolute all time favorite minimalist jazz groups.


Highest Pleasure

December 31, 2009

One of the factors that keeps creative black music alive and changing is the ability of the musicians to blend their experience and emotions into the actual fibers of the music. Rudolph Johnson is a musician who has reached that plane where spirit and techniques fuse to form free creative energy.
The 1973 ‘Second Coming‘ album on Black Jazz Records by Rudolph is like the transition between these two states, releasing the energies of rebirth…..the second coming.

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Rudolph Johnson – ‘The Highest Pleasure’


December 7, 2009

Travellin’ Rhodes

July 21, 2009

Space Is The Place

June 3, 2009

Reblog from Moodmat

Ears Have Eyes

May 2, 2009


A favorite artist of mine since the ’90’s and one of the more organic producers in the field of electronic music, multi-instrumentalist Max Brennan always worked from his base on the Isle of Wight, a relatively isolated outpost in the middle of the English Channel. Brennan appeared to be growing as a musician as his Fretless AZM project continued, and his fourth 1998 album Oceans of Light revealed glimpses of improvisation among its deep grooves and the occasional excursion into beatless electronics. Truly cosmic stuff.

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Fretless AZM – ‘The Ears Have Eyes’

Coolin’ Pt.6

March 29, 2009


An obscure find and very different than a lot of his other work, Ray Bryant’s 1979 album ‘In The Cut’ features string and horn arrangements by Charles Stepney – which makes the track ‘Andalusian Nights’ a very tripped out and mellow one, but with that majestically soulful approach.

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Ray Bryant – ‘Andalusian Nights’