OTAM Mix 24: Frodo – ‘Mahogany Cult Vol. 2’

June 2, 2010

This follow-up take on distorted slow-burn disco-funk and boogie electronics as a melange of Detroit tech-house is a cumulation of Rick Wade, Kyle Hall, STL, Rick Wilhite, Anton Zap & Billy Love instrumentals. A true reflection of my personal soulfulness through this musical potion of deeeep songs drenched in obscure house beats. A clear declaration that states: ‘Mahogany Cult is takin’ over’!

No tracklist for this one

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OTAM Mix 24: Frodo – ‘Mahogany Cult Vol. 2’


OTAM Mix 13: Fumiya Tanaka – ‘Berlin Underground’

March 26, 2009


Next week, on Saturday the 4th of April 2009, we’re gonna rock it like we’ve never rocked it before!
Berlin Underground, the authoritative and renewing underground organisation based in Amsterdam, is celebrating it’s 5th birthday, and what location would be more suitable in which to party till 8 in the morning, than the attractive Studio K building?
That’s right, the best international and local DJ’s, 4 rooms filled with the best electronic ear-candy, spanning from minimal to techno to house to disco, and no sleep till the cops come knocking.

Check our website for pre-sale tickets and the complete line-up.

To get ya’ll in a party mood, here’s an exclusive mix by headliner Fumiya Tanaka, one of 15 artists performing at this immense, but intimately presented event.

Tracklist will go up soon.

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OTAM Mix 13: Fumiya Tanaka – ‘Berlin Underground’

OTAM Mix 06: Jan Krueger & Daze Maxim – ‘Berlin Underground’

October 23, 2008

This Saturday the 25th of October 2008, the über-exciting Amsterdam Dance Event will cumulate to an appropriate climax through the ‘Vrijbuiters go Berlin Underground’ indoor festival we are organizing at Studio K, Amsterdam’s latest and trendiest hot-spot in the east part of town.
Four areas of high-profile electronic dance music hosting massive line-ups plus extended opening hours. Yup, yup, 10 p.m. till 11 a.m. baby!
Be sure to pass by the event if you’re in the Amsterdam area. We are hosting a very special Hello?Repeat label showcase, and thus I thought it would be appropriate to treat you to 2 mixes of the label owners and founders, Jan Krueger and Daze Maxim. Enjoy.

Jan Krueger tracklist:

‘No Suzuki’ – Blue Spirit
‘Lost Secret’ – Mark Broom & Baby Ford
‘Talk 2 Me [Sears Tower Dub]’ – Mark Farina
‘It Ain’t Music’ – Vera & Federico Molinari
‘Don’t Give Up [Cassy Remix]’ – Portable
‘Yes You Know Me’ – Markus Fix
‘Mountain005’ – Mountain People DJs
‘The Differnce’ – Brothers’ Vibe
‘I Will Lead [Hollway & Eastwick Mix]’ – Problem Kids
‘Buzz Beats’ – Dennis Ferrer
‘Deepest America [Samuel Davis Perc. Mix]’ – Sascha Dive
‘The Legancy’ – Random Noise Generation
‘M-4’ – Maurizio

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OTAM Mix 06: Jan Krueger – ‘Berlin Underground’

Daze Maxim tracklist:

‘Hustler [Shackleton Remix]’ – Simian Mobile Disco
‘Daaaahhhhh’ – Agnes
‘Below Houston’ – Tobias
‘Male Isms’ – Jackmate
‘Be Who You Want’ – DJ Qu
‘Girls On Lighters’ – Steve Bug
‘Bang Away’ – DJ Sneak
‘Simple Man [Allen Placer Mix]’ – Wink
‘Funky Squad [Toni Vokado Mix]’ – Karafuto
‘Untitled’ – Wax10001
‘Dry Tool’ – Raresh
‘Our Soul’ – Stephen Brown
‘Hell Bent EP [Dizzy and Jado’s Hell Bent Remix]’ – B. McCarthy
‘Capricious’ – Outergaze
‘Mudhole’ – Daze Maxim
‘The Bone’ – Persuasion
‘Lovin U’ – AntonZap
‘Vallemaggia Tool’ – Serafin
‘Fiare’ – Petre Inspirescu

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OTAM Mix 06: Daze Maxim – ‘Berlin Underground’