OTAM Mix 24: Frodo – ‘Mahogany Cult Vol. 2’

June 2, 2010

This follow-up take on distorted slow-burn disco-funk and boogie electronics as a melange of Detroit tech-house is a cumulation of Rick Wade, Kyle Hall, STL, Rick Wilhite, Anton Zap & Billy Love instrumentals. A true reflection of my personal soulfulness through this musical potion of deeeep songs drenched in obscure house beats. A clear declaration that states: ‘Mahogany Cult is takin’ over’!

No tracklist for this one

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OTAM Mix 24: Frodo – ‘Mahogany Cult Vol. 2’


OTAM Mix 22: Frodo – ‘Drivethrough’

April 13, 2010

A bottle of Pig’s Nose whiskey within arm’s reach, hard to track down vinyl originating from Detroit and Germany, cumulated into this hour of your life you wont get back. Enjoy, and don’t feel shy to drop a comment on your way out.

01. Second Hand Satellites – ‘Orbit 1.3’
02. Red Rack ‘Em – ‘Picnic [The Revenge RMX]’
03. Syrinx – ‘Time Traveller’
04. Baby Ford – ‘Westway’
05. Optimystic – ‘4 A.M.’
06. Rhythm Plate – ‘Dirty’
07. Trackheadz – ‘Feel [Trackheadz Instrumental]’
08. Mike Grant – ‘My Soul My Spirit [Mr. G’s Freedom Train Mix]’
09. Azuni – ‘Believe’
10. Soulphiction & Move D – ‘The Limelight [Trus’ Me RMX]’
11. Kenny Dixon JR – ‘Yesterdays’
12. Syrinx – ‘Sirius’
13. Mike Edge – ‘Passing Tunnels’
14. No Milk – ‘Nobody Knows It But You’
15. XDB – ‘Espac’

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OTAM Mix 22: Frodo – ‘Drivethrough’

Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 19: Falko Brocksieper – ‘Decemberumbrella′

November 20, 2009

This 19th of December edition of the Amsterdam labelnight ‘Redevice invites…’ @ Studio 80 features the scandalously underrated Sub Static and Karloff Rekordings label-boss Falko Brocksieper. In order to keep up with our reputation of providing a playground for more experimental and absurd techno approaches, we’ve also invited Vera Heindel, San Proper & Kouam Djoko. Talk about letting those dogs out.
Here’s an exclusive interview plus mix avec Falko, to get the juices flowing.

Could you tell us about the founding of Sub Static and Karloff Recordings. What was your role in both labels?

Sub Static was founded in Cologne in 2000 when I met my long-term partner MIA. Our aim was just to create a small platform for our music and ideas. However this soon became a more serious occupation, as we increasingly enjoyed to work for international content and reputation. It led to the desire to release an even wider range of electronic music we loved, so the sublabel Karloff Rekordings was established in 2003.
At times we had approaches to grow the labels to a higher business level, but after all the basis of our motivation and qualification was always just to release and promote our favourite music.
Mia and I never had clearly defined roles in the label management, so anything within A&R, promotion, administration, accounting was my daily business. I also did all of the graphic design.

One of our favorite mixes of the year is the MNML SSG MX36 you did, which features half-forgotten gems from the likes of Mouse On Mars, Robert Hood & Plaid. Could you tell us something about your musical roots and artists that have most inspired you?

What first got me into techno was trance, mostly european stuff, in the early 90’s. However at the time this wasn’t even a clearly outlined genre, neither was it cheesy or commercial. It simply meant – techno that is monotonic and trippy. When I got my first set of turntables and started to spend more time in recordshops I soon discovered the music of Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Dan Bell, Woody McBride.. alot of mid-90’s minimal techno, mostly from the states. And soon after there was stuff like Aphex Twin, Mouse on Mars, Two Lone Swordsmen, Mille Plateaux & Rephlex stuff…. also alot of electro. Then even more techno – Cristian Vogel & Brighton crew, Maurizio, Kompakt… It’s been exciting times musically, which intensified for me even more when I moved to Cologne in 1997 to study at the Academy of Media Arts.
It’s this spirit of the 2nd half of the 90’s that I tried to capture in the recent mix you mentioned. Part of the spirit is also the health, complexity and mysticism of musical culture at that time — it seems like a very short time window between the farreaching innovation of electronic music, and the start of desktop producing, discogs, downloads and information overkill.

You originate from Cologne, but you operate from Berlin since 2004. Has this move influenced your productions/DJ-sets in a significant way?

I can’t really say how much influence this or the other city has. I think for the main part, moving to another place always changes your way of thinking, and gives you a new perspective on many things — which was also what I was looking for when I decided to move.
What I can say is – approving the clichee – Berlin has been and still is a very inspiring & vibrant place to live and I have no desire to live anywhere else.

You’ve been pretty productive lately when it comes to releasing. Do you have a lot of unreleased material stored up somewhere?

No, piles of unreleased material is what i never had, unfortunately. However this year has been quite productive indeed. Last year I finally released my 2nd album and was touring with my first live set, both helping me to get a fresh approach on the new productions that came out this year.

Any future plans we should know about?

Right now I’m working on a completely new live set, enabling me to be a bit more flexible and improvisational. It’s also giving me ideas for a couple of new tracks already. You can expect some new releases of me in early 2009, but it’s too soon now to announce any particulars.
Also I’m in the studio again with Benjamin Fehr, recording new material as ‘The Result’. Our first release came out this summer on his label Catenaccio. Another EP will be out soon on Brouqade Rec, as well as remixes on TicTacToe and the remarkable NervMusic from Moscow.

01. Basic Soul Unit – ‘Hope.unity.vision’
02. Falko Brocksieper – ‘Never Mind’
03. Soul Clap – ‘Beauty Sleep’
04. Rene Breitbarth – ‘Pump’
05. Hakim Murphy – ‘Jupiter Poop’
06. Seuil – ‘Lost In The Soul Shower’
07. Dan Ghenacia & Djebali – ‘Eightball’
08. Motorcitysoul – ‘Vivid [Roman Flügel’s RMX]’
09. Khan & Brigitte Fontaine – ‘Fine Mouche’
10. Wasted Chicago Youth – ‘Shake Them Gears’
11. Hell feat. P. Diddy – ‘The Dj [Jay Haze RMX)’
12. Dollz At Play – ‘Oscura Wand In Paris’
13. Ambivalent – ‘808 Clap’
14. Dinky – ‘Epilepsia’

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OTAM Mix 19: Falko Brocksieper – ‘Decemberumbrella’

OTAM Mix 18: Frodo – ‘Theresnonibbit’

November 11, 2009


Light, levitating, but with a firm funk base. The mix in hand exactly moves within this range: an overview of most important slightly-overlooked electronic classics of the past decade, mixed together in the playful manner we all have that craving for. Frodos’ definition of electronic club music is mainly based on House, even if some tracks sound more obscure & dub-infused.
One and-a-half hours of genre-defining tracks to rock to.

Tracklist will follow shortly.

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OTAM mix18: Frodo – ‘Theresnonibbit’

OTAM Mix 16: Frodo – ‘Incredible Detour’

September 5, 2009


For this mix I took a classical rooted but forward-looking approach to prototypical house and techno, first by greatly expanding its scope with timeless sounding gems, but mostly by significantly championing submerged underground sounds, consisting of dubby synthesizer melodies and funk-laden percussive rhythms. Enjoy.

01. John Tejada – ‘The Locus Of Points’
02. Mr. Barth – ‘Above The Skyline’
03. Lowtec – ‘Please Go Away’
04. Marc Romboy – ‘The Awakening’
05. Frankie Knuckles – ‘Baby Wants To Ride’
06. The Persuader – ‘A1 Untitled’
07. Rick Wade – ‘Ricky’s Groove’
08. Brommage Dub – ‘Brommage Dub’
09. Gadi Mizrahi – ‘I’ll Set Your House’
10. Jesper Dahlback & Jean-Louis Huhta – ‘Midnight Express Pt. 1’
11. Kassem Mosse – ‘Untitled A1’
12. Jesper Dahlback – ‘The Lonesome Dub’
13. Isolee – ‘Albacares’
14. Kerri Chandler – ‘Keep Me Inside’
15. Delano Smith – ‘I Feel This’
16. Verdict – ‘People At Night [Portable Remix]’
17. Iz & Diz – ‘Happy [Strip Mix]’
18. Jus-Ed – ‘Wonderment’
19. Peaches And Prunes – ‘Welcome To The Club [Ron Hardy Re-Edit]’

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OTAM Mix 16: Frodo – ‘Incredible Detour’

OTAM Mix 11: Frodo – ‘Supplementing Vol. 5’

February 19, 2009


The next mix in our series is a graceful dive into swelling, rhythmic house beats, connecting the dots between deephouse elements, electro pleansantries and soulful 4/4 rhythms. A brooding soundtrack for the developing and diverse Amsterdam scene.

01. Archie Shepp – ‘Money Blues’
02. Theo Parrish – ‘Ugly Edit 5B1’
03. DJ Qu – ‘Somethin’ Ta Feel’
04. Rene Breitbarth – ‘Le Groove Rhodes’
05. Terrence Parker – ‘Your Love’
06. Juno 6 – ‘Molto In Basso’
07. Theo Parrish – ‘How I Feel’
08. Motorcitysoul – ‘Hatohay [Move D remix]’
09. Sten – ‘Third Season’
10. The Mountain People – ‘Mountain006.3’
11. Newworldaquarium – ‘Trespassers’
12. Robert Dietz – ‘The Sorrow’
13. Ron Trent – ‘I Feel The Rhythm’
14. Reggie Dokes – ‘Rain On Me’
15. Sten – ‘Unknown Faces’
16. Lerosa – ‘Baba’
17. Mark E – ‘Smokescreen’
18. Jill Scott – ‘Slowly Surely [Theo Parrish Remix]’

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OTAM Mix 11: Frodo – ‘Supplementing Vol. 5’

Hard Times NL

December 27, 2008


Aaah, sickness and misfortune – it creeps through the cracks every once and awhile. Ultimately, music is the remedy, so let’s have it for some deep impenetrable thrills & narcotic grooves, recorded live during the ‘Mishi Mashi does Redevice‘ event we organized on the 20th of December 2008. Almost 2 hours of funked up seductive despair.

01. Mara Trax – ‘Sambad’
02. Iron Curtis – ‘Ass & Cash’
03. Trus’me – ‘W.A.R. Dub’
04. Maurizio – ‘M4’
05. Linkwood – ‘Lost Experiment’
06. Masomenos – ‘Thirteen’
07. Losoul – ‘Late Chick’
08. Falko Brocksieper – ‘Request’
09. Norma Jean Bell – ‘Late Night Show’
10. Matthew Styles – ‘Palladium’
11. DBX – ‘City On The Edge Of Forever’
12. La Pena – ‘Cheesecake’
13. Mastafaktor – ‘There The Wind Blows [Agnes Remix]’
14. Move D – ‘Cube’
15. Mountain People – ‘Mountain006.2’
16. Sean Dimitrie & T. Fuller – ‘The Release’
17. Rondenion – ‘Precious Time’
18. Roman IV – ‘Neues Testament’
19. Miss Fitz – ‘Colici’
20. Mark Farina – ‘Talk 2 Me’
21. Joss Moog – ‘Room 26’
22. DJ Spen – ‘Back When’
23. Clyde – ‘Roll Of The Beast’
24. Vera Heindel – ‘My Little Disco’
25. Deadbeat – ‘Xberg Ghosts’

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OTAM Mix 09: Frodo – ‘Live @ Mishi Mashi’