Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 25: Martin Landsky – ‘Live @ The Velvet’

July 6, 2010

One of the key figures in the main circle of Berlin based producers, Martin Landsky, has an over-abundance of funk and minimal melody coursing through his veins, cross-pollinating an electrifying new sound that could only be described as a deep understanding of House music. From sharp post-electro swagger which takes inspiration from those early days of rave, to combining modern, finely-tuned electronics with raw, dubbed and funked passages of killer proportions.
On the 21st of August 2010 Poker Flat & Redevice combine forces with a highly-addictive menu served up on the only dancefloor in Amsterdam that matters — Studio 80!
Here’s an interview with Martin + a superb live DJ-mix, transporting you to other worlds and back. Enjoy.

13 years in the production game & still going strong. Can you tell us a little bit about artists who have influenced you the most when you grew up?

Oh yeah it´s quite a time, especially considering that I was dj-ing way before I started to produce my own music.
I grew up at a time when electronic music or better to say House music simply didn’t exist.
In the early days I listened to black music, like Funk, Rap, Dub, etc, etc…
Just to name a few: Fatback, Grandmaster Flash, Kleer, Quincy Jones, D-Train, King Tubby, Lee scratch Perry…were some of my biggest influences back in the days.
Later when House music and Techno were invented there was so much stuff that really got me into it, just too many inspirations to name them all. For sure the early Chicago stuff and the first generation of Detroit Techno were important to me, also some of the more stripped down New York stuff.

Being based in Berlin must have spoiled you a bit when it comes to musical input and underground spots to play. Which country & venue outside of Germany has inspired you the most lately, and why?

There are a lot of hot places around the globe, sometimes it´s just one club in a far out village that can surprise.
But the place that inspired me the most in the last years is definitely the States.
There is this kinda ‘new’ fresh scene, which is amazing. It´s all about small clubs and a well educated crowd, people that really do love the music, no bullshit. A good example that explains what I feel there is that the people scream at the right moments of a track, not in the obvious big break downs of a track but in the small intense parts of the music, the moments when a track makes me shiver too. When you play good music there and you are mixing well they follow you all the way, but if you fuck it up they will simply show it by their reactions. I have the feeling it´s less about hype there at the moment but more about the passion for music and clubbing.
Kinda the same feeling like it was ages ago here in Europe…

Can you tell us something about the live recording you provided for us?

Oh, that was a hell of a party. It was in Gran Canaria in May. I played at a daytime event, an outside event which was already crazy…
Then later in the night I played at my favourite club on this island, The Velvet. I was already quite drunk and exhausted after spending all day at the open air party but the crowd in the club was so energizing, it was an awesome party…as they usually are at this venue…

What future plans should we know about?

Some crazy times right now. I just moved with my apartment and my studio, all at once which is really a pain in the a**, but it´s getting there slowly. So I haven´t had a studio for quite some time now which sucks…but I have a new track coming on Part 3 of the ‘Hi Five Mobilee!’ compilation, which will be out in August. A couple of remixes are waiting to be finished, and a couple of new 12 inches would be nice too, i guess….
Hopefully my studio will be set up soon….=)))

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OTAM Mix 25: Martin Landsky – ‘Live @ The Velvet’


Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 23: Kassem Mosse – ‘Workshopmix’

May 5, 2010

The Workshop label hardly needs introduction. Ultra-deep releases from Move D, Lowtec, Kassem Mosse & Benjamin Brunn have made the imprint a notable fixture in the techno and house scene. Releasing stomping minimal house tracks reflecting the roots of modern electronics, but also making its very own funky and moody statement.
Time for the Out There A Minute blog to hook you guys up with an exclusive interview/mix by Kassem Mosse, and let you know we’ve invited those obscure Germans over to our regular hot-spot Studio 80 in Amsterdam on the 15th of May – better attend suckas!

The excellent Workshop no.10 just came out last month, and besides the new additions to your roster of artists like Schweiz Rec and Ron Deacon, it’s a continuation of your sound, which seems to be drenched in classic Detroit rooted house music. Could you tell us which artists have influenced you the most through the years?

While Detroit remains an influence, we were and are inspired as well by a range of European producers and labels, such as early Warp, Rephlex, Move D, D-Man, Sähkö, the Vienna scene with labels like Cheap, Craft and Sabotage, to name but a few.

Is the anonymity factor an important part of the concept of your label?

No. Because it is obvious who we and the artists are… The hand-stamp aesthetic goes back to the early days, the white label business, when people were working with very limited budgets.

There seems to be a renewed appreciation of raw, stripped-down deep house music these days. Something you wish to comment on?

We think that this is already becoming less. There is no actual concept behind Workshop and we don’t really see it as a deep house label. We put out music we like, independent of genre. When you look at the catalogue you also find releases that stand out in terms of vibe and style (take Workshop 02, for instance). Some releases are more Techno oriented, quite slow, but still industrial.

Could you tell us something about the mix you hooked us up with?

It’s a rough little mix recorded by KM for a radio show in Hamburg in 2009, showcasing some of his influences across the board. Detroit, Vienna, Hamburg, Schmalkalden, Chicago and Berlin mixed up with a nod to The Hague to round things up.

Any future plans we should now about?

There are new releases by our core artists due out soon on Workshop. Plus we are working on some serious remixes as well…

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OTAM Mix 23: Kassem Mosse – ‘Workshopmix’

Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 20: Jan Krueger – ‘Live At Dayshift’

January 11, 2010

Another year and decade, and another test of the limits within electronic dance music at the most inspiring Amsterdam techno-hotspot: Studio 80. On the 20th of February a collaboration with Berlin superlabel Hello?Repeat will star Jan Krueger, who has recently moved to Berlin in order to focus on the label and his DJ-ing career, already holding residencies at the city’s Watergate club as well as at NYC techno institution The Bunker. Jan is known as an afterhours specialist, working a slinky and hypnotic minimal house groove, juxtaposed against percussion-driven tracks from outer space.
Here’s an exclusive interview we did with him, plus an insane live mix spanning almost 3 hours. Just to give 2010 some spunk for ya.

Traveling from Düsseldorf to Berlin: could you give us a short description of the evolution of your musical career from then till now?

I guess there is no way to make a short description about my evolution because I moved away from Düsseldorf almost 7 years ago and during this time a lot of good things happened to me. The first station after Düsseldorf was Hamburg, a city in the north of Germany. Here I used to work for the best distributor in independent dance music. Word And Sound. Because of my long friendship to Marc Schneider it was nearby to start to work for this company. In the beginning I was working in the warehouse, a really tough job, as you need a lot of muscles to move all the boxes around. And my problem is, that I’m a skinny German and not that strong, haha. After a while I got the opportunity to work as sales manager, which was actually more my thing because in Düsseldorf I used to work for a recordstore called Flipside and it was always fun to sell the music you love and talk with people about it. By the way – the record store still exists, so if you’re ever in Düsseldorf, or near, you should check it out!!! I kind of really miss the old days, working at the shop and having a nice altbeer afterwards. Füchschen is the place where you should go as well! Yami this beer! Anyway, back to Word And Sound. When I started to work for WAS it was also the birth of Hello?Repeat, the label I run together with Daze Maxim. The idea behind the label was actually way older as we were always thinking about to start something for us and our friends. Just to do what ever we wanted to do and to be free with it. During my time in Hamburg I met a lot of lovely people as well, which are finally my best friends and really important for me. After working for almost 4 years at WAS a feeling was taking over me. In the beginning it was rare, but then it came back more often. I had the desire for a change in my life and environment again. Also, Hello?Repeat started to get bigger and became more successful. To combine my work as sales manager on the one side, and as label manager on the other side, wasn’t working out. So, one day I made a decision and this was Hello?Repeat, our baby. As a lot of my friends and my former girlfriends’ friends moved to Berlin, I thought – hey girl, lets go to where our friends are. And here I am now. Unfortunately without girlfriend but there can’t be always sunshine in your life. Since I’m in Berlin my career made a big step forward. I met the right people at the right time and I got to know a lot of new friends. I was actually blessed with tons of luck. My residency at Watergate and our Hello?Repeat nights at Panoramabar are just some of a few candies. Music wise I didn’t change that much. From the point from where I started to buy records to now, I’m still addicted to the same kind of music. You can actually hear it in my sets cause they are always flavored with records from the old days. Of course, it would be a lie if I would affirm that I never had the time where I was totally into Naked Music deep house music or more electro rocking stuff like Black Strobe etc. But I’m back and finally I know what is good for me!

When, where & how was the provided mix you did for us recorded?

This mix was recorded on a truly magical daytime party in Portland, Oregon, during my last North America tour. Actually I wasn’t sure if I could make it at all, because the night before I played together with Daze Maxim in Los Angeles and it was a lot of trouble to get away from this party. It was just too much fun to hang out with all my friends. But luckily I made it to the airport. Ha, when I think back I have to smile. I was so drunk that the airline could easily have said – you skinny German? You’re drunk, before you travel with us you have to get sober! Well, I guess they just liked me. After a flight of two hours I arrived quite early in Portland and I have to say, this city is incredible. It was the end of May and all the flowers in the city blew in full glory. It was wonderful! Also, Portland is a really green, cozy and friendly city. As I arrived early I had enough time to get a proper breakfast, some coffee and a huge cap full of sleep. Believe me, I needed it. When I finally got to the party unfortunately there were not that many people. It was a sunny, warm and beautiful day so I guess most of them were either at the lake, the river or somewhere else. But that didn’t mean that the party didn’t turned out into an unforgettable experience!
I can’t remember how many wodka 7UP I had, but it was a lot. Genevieve Dillinger and Matthew Quite, who are responsible for this and many other great partys in Portland, took really good care of me and made this drink to my absolutely favorite. Yeah, I guess now you know how this mix got together.

Word and sound, Hello?Repeat and Daze Maxim are 3 brands/individuals commonly affiliated with your persona. Could you tell us how you’ve been influenced by all three?

Of course, I’m influenced by all three in their very own way. When I met Daze Maxim in the nineties, he was producing this incredible techno music which was released on Oliver Bondzios label Jackpot and later on Serial Killers Haircut and Harthouse. I was in love with all this music called Brighton Techno (I hope this is right!!!). Christian Vogel, Neil Landstrumm, Sativa Records, Mosquito Records – Oh Lord, all this crazy techno music. And then there was Daze, doing the same incredible music.
We became close friends and found out that we have a quite similar taste in music. Not only electronic music! Jazz, classic… You have to know that Daze is in my opinion one of the most talented musicians in the techno business. He’s just amazing! But he really sucks as fisherman because he’s always going home too early, hahaha. Sorry Daze! Well, his music and ideas are always an inspiration for me and I think I’m the same for him. Word And Sound also always inspired me with music. It was the first distributor who was founded by people who lost their heart in the music. People who want to share what they love with others and it has not changed by now. THANKS FOR BEEING THERE!!! Also to work for WAS helped me a lot to do what I’m doing right now! And Hello?Repeat – I think it is more influenced by Daze and me.

After some research i’ts actually not clear if you’ve ever produced any of your own material and/or if you plan to do so. please enlighten us?

Yes, that is right. I don’t know, maybe I’m just not talented enough. I think the main problem is that I started to work on my own music way too late. Of course I’m doing something once in a while but thats not worth to mention. I just can’t sit in front of the computer and listen to a loop for hours. I’m not patient enough to learn all this programs by my own, and maybe the passion to learn it is missing as well. When I start to mix records into each other I was 15 years old and I never had my own turntables and mixer. I had to go to a friend who was lucky enough to have everything at home. Surrounded by my friends we pushed each other all the time to listen to records and mix them into each other, or when we did a nice transition we all freaked out. Now, 17 years later, the music is nothing new to me and I prefer to listen to other kinds of music at home. Don’t get me wrong, I love the music as much as I did 17 years before, but I don’t need to listen to it every single day. So, to learn all this programs you have to be on fire, you have to really want it, and that kind of feeling is missing. I love to make music with machines, which I don’t have either, because it is something you can touch and play with. It is the same with records, I just can’t play tracks from the computer. Not yet because we don’t know where the future of vinyl will be in a couple of years. But for now I prefer to travel with a heavy bag on my back and to play the medium I fell in love with. Concerning own productions – maybe I’ll be able to finish something by myself but I guess there will be always some help of friends in the game. But just to clarify – I’m not a fan of ghost writing or to have someone produce my records. I want to make music and I want to be part of it! I’m just not able to handle the programs by my own.

Any future plans we should know about?

Daze Maxim and me are working constantly on the Hello?Repeat cosmos. As you probably noticed, 2009 was a really quiet year for Hello?Repeat. 2010 will be even more busy again. We never had a consequent release politic and my way to select music for the label is a really personal and emotional thing. If I listen to a demo it has to conjure a smile on my face. If this happens I know that we have to do the record. If not we’re not going to release something. There is enough music out there! But for the upcoming year I already have a couple of records of artists like Bruno Pronsato, Daze Maxim, but also new faces like Patrick Specke, DJ QU and Leonel Castillo in the pipeline. Oh, and Hello?Repeat turns into 5, so of course we’ll celebrate this! Furthermore we’re starting a Hello?Repeat t-shirt line. We really love to wear t-shirts and we have amazing artists who are responsible for the artwork. But it will be not a “simple” label shirt line, printed on an American Apparel shirt, or a big store with hundreds of shirts. From the beginning of next year on we will release at least one new t-shirt a month, designed by an artist we love. This can be an unknown graphic designer to a well known contemporary artist. The shirts will be printed on a high quality shirt which we will produce ourselves, so they will also have their own cut. As color there will be just black and white. The shirts will be limited to 99 pieces of each print, numbered and hand signed by the artist. And you’ll get the shirt in a special package.
Right now we’re working on our website which will be re-launched in January. Besides all the infos and news about the label and the artists, you will find a store where you can buy the t-shirts and of course everything else from Hello?Repeat. What else? Oh, I joined a new agency and I’m really happy about it. The agency is called Solid-AM and I’m surrounded by people like Guido Schneider, Vera, Miss Fitz and Dorian Paic, just to name a few. Have a look on the website, there are really nice mixes to listen too as well!

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OTAM Mix 20: Jan Krueger – ‘Live At Dayshift’

Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 19: Falko Brocksieper – ‘Decemberumbrella′

November 20, 2009

This 19th of December edition of the Amsterdam labelnight ‘Redevice invites…’ @ Studio 80 features the scandalously underrated Sub Static and Karloff Rekordings label-boss Falko Brocksieper. In order to keep up with our reputation of providing a playground for more experimental and absurd techno approaches, we’ve also invited Vera Heindel, San Proper & Kouam Djoko. Talk about letting those dogs out.
Here’s an exclusive interview plus mix avec Falko, to get the juices flowing.

Could you tell us about the founding of Sub Static and Karloff Recordings. What was your role in both labels?

Sub Static was founded in Cologne in 2000 when I met my long-term partner MIA. Our aim was just to create a small platform for our music and ideas. However this soon became a more serious occupation, as we increasingly enjoyed to work for international content and reputation. It led to the desire to release an even wider range of electronic music we loved, so the sublabel Karloff Rekordings was established in 2003.
At times we had approaches to grow the labels to a higher business level, but after all the basis of our motivation and qualification was always just to release and promote our favourite music.
Mia and I never had clearly defined roles in the label management, so anything within A&R, promotion, administration, accounting was my daily business. I also did all of the graphic design.

One of our favorite mixes of the year is the MNML SSG MX36 you did, which features half-forgotten gems from the likes of Mouse On Mars, Robert Hood & Plaid. Could you tell us something about your musical roots and artists that have most inspired you?

What first got me into techno was trance, mostly european stuff, in the early 90’s. However at the time this wasn’t even a clearly outlined genre, neither was it cheesy or commercial. It simply meant – techno that is monotonic and trippy. When I got my first set of turntables and started to spend more time in recordshops I soon discovered the music of Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Dan Bell, Woody McBride.. alot of mid-90’s minimal techno, mostly from the states. And soon after there was stuff like Aphex Twin, Mouse on Mars, Two Lone Swordsmen, Mille Plateaux & Rephlex stuff…. also alot of electro. Then even more techno – Cristian Vogel & Brighton crew, Maurizio, Kompakt… It’s been exciting times musically, which intensified for me even more when I moved to Cologne in 1997 to study at the Academy of Media Arts.
It’s this spirit of the 2nd half of the 90’s that I tried to capture in the recent mix you mentioned. Part of the spirit is also the health, complexity and mysticism of musical culture at that time — it seems like a very short time window between the farreaching innovation of electronic music, and the start of desktop producing, discogs, downloads and information overkill.

You originate from Cologne, but you operate from Berlin since 2004. Has this move influenced your productions/DJ-sets in a significant way?

I can’t really say how much influence this or the other city has. I think for the main part, moving to another place always changes your way of thinking, and gives you a new perspective on many things — which was also what I was looking for when I decided to move.
What I can say is – approving the clichee – Berlin has been and still is a very inspiring & vibrant place to live and I have no desire to live anywhere else.

You’ve been pretty productive lately when it comes to releasing. Do you have a lot of unreleased material stored up somewhere?

No, piles of unreleased material is what i never had, unfortunately. However this year has been quite productive indeed. Last year I finally released my 2nd album and was touring with my first live set, both helping me to get a fresh approach on the new productions that came out this year.

Any future plans we should know about?

Right now I’m working on a completely new live set, enabling me to be a bit more flexible and improvisational. It’s also giving me ideas for a couple of new tracks already. You can expect some new releases of me in early 2009, but it’s too soon now to announce any particulars.
Also I’m in the studio again with Benjamin Fehr, recording new material as ‘The Result’. Our first release came out this summer on his label Catenaccio. Another EP will be out soon on Brouqade Rec, as well as remixes on TicTacToe and the remarkable NervMusic from Moscow.

01. Basic Soul Unit – ‘’
02. Falko Brocksieper – ‘Never Mind’
03. Soul Clap – ‘Beauty Sleep’
04. Rene Breitbarth – ‘Pump’
05. Hakim Murphy – ‘Jupiter Poop’
06. Seuil – ‘Lost In The Soul Shower’
07. Dan Ghenacia & Djebali – ‘Eightball’
08. Motorcitysoul – ‘Vivid [Roman Flügel’s RMX]’
09. Khan & Brigitte Fontaine – ‘Fine Mouche’
10. Wasted Chicago Youth – ‘Shake Them Gears’
11. Hell feat. P. Diddy – ‘The Dj [Jay Haze RMX)’
12. Dollz At Play – ‘Oscura Wand In Paris’
13. Ambivalent – ‘808 Clap’
14. Dinky – ‘Epilepsia’

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OTAM Mix 19: Falko Brocksieper – ‘Decemberumbrella’

Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 17: Matthew Styles – ‘Live At Beach Club Beach′

September 10, 2009


This October’s edition of the ‘Redevice invites…’ clubnight at Studio 80 in Amsterdam, is an epic roundup of the best artists from its international stable of affiliate producers, one of which is the very talented Matthew Styles.
From his residencies at the legendary Crosstown Rebels ‘Slash & Burn’ parties and Berlin’s WMF to his now monthly appearances at Berlin’s Panorama Bar and his regular features at Fabric in the U.K., his solid appreciation of what the dance-floor needs, and with an acute sense of taste, Matthew easily transgresses all house music regardless of trends.
Besides treatin’ ya to a two-and-a-half hour mix of the man, here’s an interview we did with him, which outlines his musical roots & future plans.

Be sure to pass by on the 10th of October if you’re in the Amsterdam area!

Your productions seem to be infused with classic Detroit techno, but also seem to be infected by an old-school funk flow. Could you tell us a little bit about your musical roots and your biggest influences?

When I was growing up my father was DJing in clubs and he was close with Tony, the founder of DMC. DMC was like a club for DJ’s which was very popular in the 80’s. They were famous for their DJ Only remix compilations and they also started the magazine Mixmag for DJ’s…
I remember reading these magazines a lot, and another one called something like Jocks [which became DJ magazine I think].
It was before the acid house thing. I remember people like Steve Silk Hurley, Colonel Abrahams, Shalamar, Pebbles, The Jets and stuff like that being popular. I was encouraged to use the turntables and mixer we had at home once I was old enough to be responsible for not scratching the records…
DJ friends of my dad taught me some tricks and gave me some insights, and my interest took off from there really…
Later on in the early 90’s Tony Humphries was a big influence on me, and his mix of upfront vocal style & deep techno was something very inspiring. That influence keeps me pretty open minded about what music can move a floor rhythmically and emotionally…

What have you been working on recently?

I have been doing some remixes, one for a project of Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves and Hector called ‘The Royal We’,
and also I just did a remix for Radio Slave under the Worst Case Scenario moniker I have with Ed Cartwright — which was a big honour to do.

You originate from England, and you’re currently living in Berlin. Did the move to Germany have a big influence on the way you produce and DJ nowadays?

I think the German influence was already strong before I moved here. I was coming for 7 or 8 years, to party and also to play. I had a lot of good connections here, so to move was the final logical step. It’s a slightly different approach to partying and DJ-ing: everything last’s for much longer, and I really appreciate the attitude towards music here…
I am very lucky to have been playing at the Panorama Bar so much since I have been here, and because of that I really tried to focus on what I could bring to the table in a city so full of great DJ’s. I really try to represent my influences as best as possible in terms of Dj-ing and production.

What are you up to next?

I will finish new EP’s under my own name, as mostly this year has been more about the other projects I have like the Worst Case Scenario one, also eMT, which I do with Tobi Neumann, and finally Taxi Funk, which is a project I am working on with Jorge Gonzales from Los Updates…

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OTAM Mix 17: Matthew Styles – ‘Live At Beach Club Beach′

OTAM Mix 15: Seth Troxler – ‘Keepin Whores Of The Streets’

August 4, 2009


Saturday the 15th of August 2009 the ‘Redevice invites…’ clubnights and the netlabel are joining forces once again to bring you crowd-pleasing international allure, combined with a new freely downloadable internet release of the highest order. This time around our regular bi-monthly sonic crime-scene, the Studio 80 venue in Amsterdam, will host dapper escapades into digital worlds by headliner Seth Troxler. Here’s a set by Seth to get ya’ll in the mood. Capable stuff. Enjoy.

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OTAM Mix 15: Seth Troxler – ‘Keepin Whores Of The Streets’

Guest Interview/OTAM Mix 14: ‘Roger 23 Live @ Redevice invites… @ Studio 80’

May 27, 2009


We’ve had the honor of having Roger 23, part of the infamous Swayzak Soundsystem, that deep dub-house collective who got their moniker from a bastardization of actor Patrick Swayze’s name, as part of our April edition of ‘Redevice invites…‘ here in Amsterdam. This Saarbruecken resident has the gift of pushing his ever-shifting grooves directly from ear to hips, making you shake your booty while dousing your head in deep chords, delays and rolling basslines. Here’s a live registration of his set plus an interview I did with him recently — enjoy!

For us, the set you played during our ‘Redevice invites…’ @ Studio 80 was absolutely one of the highpoints of our year. Can you tell us a little bit about how the night went in your experience?

Oh what an inspiring weekend, and oh what an amazing night I had with you and in Amsterdam… Thank you very much for having this cool exchange and this input. The Redevice night was full of tension. I was pretty nervous, ’cause, I didn’t know if my concept for that party would succeed. But seems like all the involved people at the venue did exactly the right job. Production, DJ’s and audience. Definitely not really an easy night to descibe in words… Just have to say thank you to all of you! Great Job you are doing!
I could have stayed longer in Amsterdam… Next time more please…

What can you tell us about you being part of the Swayzak Soundsystem, and what’s your creative input on that front?

LOL, that’s a funny and interesting question. How can I discribe it without being over the top? Well, I see me, myself and I as a trigger for Swayzak and The Soundsystem… A respect of my musical knowledge, my addiction, and how I’m listening to music.

Both you and Prosumer seem to have a similar take on presenting your music as a big phat retro-funk-overloaded piece of cake, drenched in an old-school chicago & detroit glazing. What’s your take on the current state of house music, and how does it affect you when you spin?

First of all, my musical taste is very controversial. I try to get the best input from all interesting musical styles I can get..
At the moment, my focus is on the electronical aspects of Krautrock and on Brian Eno’s ambient music; this affects my point of view in listening to music as well as my productions in a substantial way.
Of course old disco and other obscure stuff is also a strong theme while digging those crates. Normally second-hand record stores, flea-markets and internet markets are pretty welcomed…
At the moment, I’m having massive problems of getting my hands on music that really affects me. Most releases sound too clean, and let’s face it, a lot of House and Techno music in this day and time is boring plus very focussed on names and trends. Too much consuming for my taste.
Missing attitudes in House and Techno are sexiness and coolness.

A lot of the ‘new’ ideas seem not to be rough enough. Too much focussed on effects, digital programming and uncatchy loops. It’s the result that should count, nothing else…
Most of the tracks could be replaced by others, nothing sounds unique. Definitely, I hear & see a big differences in the D.I.Y. stuff from the 80’s, or the early 90’s. From New Wave to Chicago and early Detroit stuff. Thank God, there’s still a litte spirit within Dj & producer communities around.

At all times I’m one of the audience. I dance when I play records and unsexy music doesn’t makes me dance. Certain trends implement a tough skepticism in me. I think it’s very important to show your origins and roots, to show differences.
Most of the older music has more tension and pressure, and that’s the main reasons why I’m playing a lot of old school music at the moment. Prefering quality instead of quantity. It doesn’t necessarily make a DJ-set better if you only present the latest shit.
There is so much good music around, and it would be a shame not to represent that stuff.

Your last solo effort seems to date from 2006. Can we expect some new material soon?

Yes indeed. I have two releases due in the next few months, and another one is planned in early 2010. But this one is still top secret. Also I did a 10 minute DJ-set for the ballet in my town last christmas. It was The Nut Cracker, and they’re doing six extra performances during late 2009, ’cause it was pretty successful.

My releases out now:
Meakusma Presents RÜTS: 12″ 2/3 and DVD

Out soon:
Roger 23: ‘Room With A View’ – BAUD
Massimiliano Pagliara & Roger 23: ‘Heal EP’ – Meakusma

What are you up to next?

What’s next? Actually don’t know. But I will do some more music and a couple of DJ-Sets for sure…

12th of June: Roger 23 – Cafe Belga – Bruxelles – Belgium
20th of June: Roger 23 – Airbag Craftworks Lagerverkauf – Kleestadt – Germany
18th of July: Swayzak Soundsystem – Summer Club Luna in Supetar – Island of Brač – Kroatia
31st of July: Work Shop Label Night – Robert Johnson- Offenbach – Germany
1st of August: Bota Bar – Bruxelles – Belgium

01. Echologist – ‘The Score [Jus Ed’s Hostage Mix]’
02. I.M.S. – ‘Non Line’
03. Conrad Black – ‘A Broken Down Mustang’
04. Schatrax – ‘Restless Dub’
05. Arovane – ‘Leaf’
06. Even Tuell – ‘Det Leut’
07. Levon Vincent – ‘These Games’
08. Tyree – ‘Nuthin Wrong’
09. Nitro Deluxe – ‘Let’s Get Brutal’
10. Christian Vogel – ‘Untitled’
11. Unknown – ‘Ndatl 1/3’
12. Basic Channel – ‘Q 1.1’
13. Quando Quando – ‘Love Tempo’
14. Sound Design – ‘Bounce To The Beat’
15. Rockers Hifi – ‘Push Push’
16. Marc Romboy – ‘The Awakening’
17. Redshape – ‘What’s On A Moog’s Mind?’
18. Jovonn – ‘I Can’t Make Up My Mind’
19. Extacy Club – ‘Jesus Loves The Acid’
20. Gez Valez – ‘Columbia’
21. Levon Vincent – ‘Invisible Bitchslab’
22. DBX – ‘Losing Control’
23. Levon Vincent – ‘Woman Is The Devil’
24. Massimiliano Pagliara & Roger 23 – ‘Heal’
25. Iz & Diz – ‘Memory’
26. FBK – ‘Rollin’ On A 6/4′
27. Purveyors Of Fine Funk – ‘State Of Mind’
28. Gemini – ‘Welcome To The Future’

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OTAM Mix 14: ‘Roger 23 Live @ Redevice invites… @ Studio 80’